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Hot Tent Stove Tips for the Beginners

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Winter camping is difficult due to the long evenings with damp and cold temperatures. Camper lovers don't care about the winter, especially if you're living in a state where the weather is brutal for 10 out of 12 months. So, how do you heat a tent for winter camping?

Winter camping does not have to be awful if you have the right gear. Even in the worst winter, a hot tent stove can keep you and your stuff cozy and dry. This article discusses hot tent stove tips for beginners; continue reading to know more.

Hot Tent Stove

hot tent stove tips

A hot tent is just a tent with a small wood stove for a tent to create a comfortable and dry space when camping. In addition to being more comfortable, you will also be able to dry off your shoes and clothes and perform basic kitchen stuff like boiling water. Many decent stoves allow you to cook on a solid surface burner.

Can you turn a regular tent into a hot tent? Yes, you can also put a stove yourself in the tent, which is called hot tenting. But you cannot put the stove in any type; it should be canvas or polycotton and have an opening for the chimney. So, the best option is to buy a hot tent for winter camping.

They come in sizes like 2-person hot tents or 4, and 6-person hot tents, etc. buy the one that fits your needs. If you're new to camping, planning to camp in winter, and using a hot tent stove, you may have many queries, like; How warm does it get in a hot tent? How long will the tent stove burn, and many more? Are hot tents safe? Here you will get the hot tent stove tips that will be helpful for you.

Hot Tent Stove Tips for the Beginners

Let's begin by discussing what to expect when you first receive your stove and the setting of a new stove.

Setting and Checking

  • Whatever stove you buy for camping, it is essential to open and set it before using it for the first time in camp.

  • Find an area with plenty of wood, and you can burn a fire.

  • Let the stove burn for at least 4 hours to check its durability after extended use.

Examine Stove's Integrity

  • After the first burn, let it cool and remove all the ash, ensuring it is completely burnt.

  • Examine all the stove walls carefully for any deformation.

  • The appearance may have dulled a bit, but the construction should be solid to prove its integrity.

Test the Stove for Cooking

Use the stove a second time for cooking and see if there is any issue. Practice all the features, like air flows, steel grills, dampers, etc., at home before taking the stove to camp.

Use a Fire Proof Mat

  • The platform on which you put the stove is crucial.

  • The floor directly beneath the stove must be straight, with no slippage or motion beneath the stove legs.

  • Although the heat goes up, the surface beneath the stove will still be hot, so using a fire-proof mat is critical.

  • Some hot tents have a separate portion to place the stove, so you can skip this if your tent already has such an area.

Use Heat Shields

Whether you use heat shields depends on where you place your stove. It is necessary to use one if you set the stove close to a tent wall. You can use aluminum sheets for this purpose by folding them. It keeps the heat away from the individuals inside the tent.

Tent Stove Accessories

hot tent stove tips

  • Gloves

  • Folding saw

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Stove pipe cleaner

  • Blade knife to handle wood

  • Shovel or spatula to push the fire into the base of the stove.

The burning time of the stove differs according to its type, so how long will the tent stove burn and how warm it gets in a hot tent depends upon the factors such as the tent type, stove type, and outside temperature. I

After the fires have been extinguished, shut your stove's air duct to regulate the amount of oxygen reaching the fire: this will allow the wood to burn for longer. You may keep your stove burning all night after the ashes are blazing orange.

Some Useful Quick Tips:

  • If you continuously use the stove, you should clean it every day.

  • When the pipe has constricted because of smoke and resinous deposits, carbon monoxide accumulation becomes a severe problem.

  • You can take the carbon monoxide detector with you.

  • Please pay attention to the tent wall temperature to ensure it is not too hot, as they are the leading cause of tent fires in most cases.

  • Cut the wood according to the length of the stove.

  • Dry the wood by placing them near the stove before burning them.

  • Open all the vents before starting the fire.


Above are some essential hot tent stove tips that will be helpful to you for winter camping. I have mentioned all the queries that may arise in your mind. It is best to practice all the above tips at home before using them in reality.

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