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Glamping South Island

Considering a camping trip to New Zealand's South Island? The greatest Glamping South Island will help you elevate your trip. The South Island of New Zealand has a lot to offer. Plan your glamping trip to the South Island now.

New Zealand, which is renowned for its volcanoes and glaciers, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. New Zealand is a fantastic place to travel, and the South Island offers some of the best glamping options. One of the eighth wonders of the world is located along the South Island's west coast, which is also noted for its stunning fjords and glacial scenery.

There are so many other incredible South Island locations and outdoor activities that you simply must try! Make sure to leave enough time on your next New Zealand, South Island Road trip to see all the attractions, including the things to do outside of the cities. It is simple to understand why New Zealand is known for its mountains, lakes, and glaciers when traveling from Christchurch to Queenstown and around the South Island—it is the ideal glamping location.

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Glamp outdoors through luxury

Get cooking in creature comfort

If you’re an avid hiker or camper, you’re probably used to the dehydrated packages, or plain pasta getting thrown around the campfire on plastic plates. If you’re looking for a little more gourmet, glamping is the way to go.

South Island Glamping sites are usually equipped with appliances that take advantage of the previously mentioned plugs. Whether it’s a toaster, kettle, or even a microwave, glamping allows meals to be more of an occasion than packet mac and cheese. Some glamping sites even go the whole hog and can set up a fully catered service, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Rain or shine, glamp whatever the weather

Camping really takes advantage of the sunny outdoors, but when the weather packs it in, you’ll likely want to pack it up and head home. When you glamp, the weather isn’t so much of an issue.

Glamping set-ups often involve more robust tents or even mini cabins to keep you safe from squalls, storms, and the general cold that comes with camping. There will be no more cries of ‘don’t touch the sides!’ when you glamp, instead simply watch mother nature do her thing from the warm and dry comfort of your glamper.

Pack up the camp, try glamping instead

Now you know the perks of glamping, it might be hard to pack up the pop-up. Glamping South Island is a great chance for a romantic getaway, a compromise between rough and ready and luxe lounges. The locations are also often isolated, so if a romantic surprise is on the cards, this one is sure to stay silent until the last minute.

Backyard Glamping with Southern Glamping’s South Island Getaways

Southern Glamping offer glamping escapes throughout the South Island for a luxury getaway in nature. The best thing? They pick the perfect location for you, making your glamping getaway completely unique. Whether it’s wedding accommodation, a rustic scene, or a charming canopy vibe, they have professionals curate your trip to perfection.

Get in touch today and see where a glamping adventure can take you!

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