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Glamping Tents


Choose your glamping tent size, how many tents and how many occupants.

About our Glamping Tents

Sibley Bell Tents by CanvasCamp are the best canvas bell tents for glamping.  Made with top quality 100% cotton canvas, and we choose the best ProTech variety and all tent sizes and styles for customer creativity. Our south island glamping bell tents allow you to choose the best tent for your chosen environment, occupancy, and camping style.

The bell tent evolved from Native American tipis that used a center pole and withstood heavy rain and wind. Then Henry Hopkins patented a Sibley bell tent in 1856, allowing for easy transport and set up. Short vertical side walls were later added to allow for more space and resembled a bell, hence its name.

South Island Glamping Sibley tents provide ample space for people, gear, even a full suite of furniture.

Sibley ProTech Canvas Tent Series

High-performance bell tents with all the features for serious South Island glamping. We use only ProTech grades (the highest and best variations) with all features and all extras. Made with breathable and waterproof Pro canvas (360 gr/m² or 10.62 oz/yd²), they are 100% wind, water, and bug-proof.

Are they worried about winter, snow, and the cold? Our robust and resilient tents can handle it all. Chuck a heat source in and hunker down.

The walls and floor can be separated and closed with canvas or mesh. You can customize our ProTech variations as you desire and as the weather changes. Four-season premium protection ensures user-friendly luxury with ProTech-graded tents.

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