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Facts about Survival Tent With Stove for Winter Camping

Younger individuals are becoming more and more fascinated by hot tents and winter camping. A survival tent with a stove is among the most secure and pleasant methods to camp in the cold.

But, not all people will carry a heated tent to their camping ground or go camping in a hot tent in the cold since they can bring unneeded hassle. This post contains details on a hot tent or a survival tent with a stove and why using one when camping in the winter is advantageous.

Hot Tent/Survival Tent With Stove

survival tent with stove

Compared to regular tents, hot tents are significantly more sophisticated and include a number of the following features:

  • Burning wood stove

  • Fabric canvas

  • Open exhaust pipe

  • Adjustable base

The wood-burning stove in the tent is the most notable feature of such tents. This heating component will make your tent warm and cozy throughout the hardest winter months. The stove is secure to use inside the tent.

The hot tent requires a stove jack as the stove will emit a large amount of smoke. You can link the stovepipe with the wood burner. Without this valve, the gas from the burner would quickly surround your tent, leaving it suffocated.

These tents typically use materials other than those in conventional tents. Such tents are made of Canvas, which resists extreme cold temperatures while preserving heat. Other fabrics used to make less expensive hot tents can keep you warm, but they are more easily torn under harsh environments.

The hot tent's adjustable ground is another feature. This not only creates a better living space, but you can also take the ground out during the winter to prevent the floor from freezing.

Pros of Survival Tent With Stove

Hot tents are popular for campers for the most relaxing winter outdoor adventure.

First off, going outside is an excellent activity for families. Winter camping is incredibly challenging for kids as they are more prone to become sick and have a wrong time in a regular tent.

A hot tent will keep you warm enough even if you want to travel in the cold season.

Hot tents offer significantly more space than most conventional outdoor tents, an additional benefit. There is typically sufficient room to bring extra food or books since they need extra room to support firewood burners and numerous people.

More notably, a wood burner is perfect for cooking, so you don't even need to take a cooking burner or gas stove! The wood burner is just as ideal for cooking as any bonfire, heating water for porridge, or grilling burgers.

Cons of Survival Tent With Stove

Hot tents are a fantastic way to camp in the wintertime, but they put a lot of pressure on campgrounds. You must make plans to use such tents in advance before going on outdoor vacations since they usually involve the assistance of one or two more persons when being set up.

Additionally, tents with stoves are much more expensive than regular camp tents. I

f you go camping in the cold frequently, it is a smart option to get a heated tent because the wood burners of such tents are typically also available individually.

What Qualities Should a Survival Tent With Stove Have?

Each product should be carefully examined before buying. Thus, buyers must be truthful about their needs and preferences while purchasing a product.

A camping tent is no different, particularly a winter camp tent. You should keep an eye out for a few qualities while choosing the finest survival tent with a stove jack for winter camping, such as:

1. Dimensions and Location

Ensure the burner jack on the tent is in a functional area. Stove jacks are often located near the front or back of the canvas. The size of the burner jack is another critical consideration. Verify that the area is sufficient to accommodate the stove pipe.

2. Protection of Tent Stoves

Ask about the burner safety in the tent. Keep in mind that the stove will be hot within your tent. Hence, the burner must be carefully designed to prevent any unpredictable situations.

3. Air circulation

Keep a close eye on the airflow in the tent. Stove pipes are capable of producing a large amount of heat. As a result, ensure the tent has air circulation to reduce heat accumulation.

4. Construction and Durability

Ensure the tent is built of sturdy materials to serve you for many seasons. The last thing you desire is for your tent to set fire. Therefore, confirm if it is composed of fire-proof materials.

5. Simple Setup

survival tent with stove

Choose a tent that is easy to set up and uninstall. Certain tents could be hard to install.


While 'cold camping' in a standard mountain canvas allows you to travel quickly and lightly, a hot tent gives a sense of warmth that may last for several days. More significantly, it greatly increases the pleasure of the entire process.

This is the soul of winter to embrace the peacefulness of the year, escape the crowds, and take advantage of a period of the year when few nature lovers get the opportunity to explore. You can also hire a tent full of facilities to avoid all the extra load.

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