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Glamping For Sports Events And Product Launches

Are you hosting Sports Events or product launching events? Are you looking for a memorable experience that combines luxury with thrill? Consider Glamping For Sports Events or Product Launches.

Glamping or “glamorous camping” is a smart alternative to traditional camping. It incorporates convenient and luxurious accommodations for your next Sports Events or Product Launches. Equipped with amenities like lavish furniture, king-size beds, bathrooms, catering service, heating and cooling, and lights, Sports Events Accommodation offers comfort and a touch of luxury to relax in.

Glamping accommodations (tents, cabins, or yurts) are completely customizable. We offer all sizes from 3 meter to 6 meter tents. Be it a sports event or a Product Launching; choose a suitable size that caters to your needs. This is the most appropriate endeavor to promote your brand or sports teams.


At Southern Glamping, we service the South Island of New Zealand's major cities and towns. Christchurch glamping tent hires are 100% wind, water and bug proof, with all furnishings and lavishing. Let us know your requirements and we will take care of it. Our experts will arrange and set them up at your location. We ensure an elegant solution for small or large groups and for accommodation and shelter at sporting events and Product Launching events.

Our glamping services can cater to different budgets and preferences. It also adds amenities like concierge services, on-site spa treatments, and catered meals. You just relax and enjoy your events.

tent hire blenheim.jpg
tent hire blenheim.jpg
Glamping For Sports Events: A Winning Combination

Sports Events Accommodation can cater to sports fans, attending a major game or tournament. Don’t settle on traditional camping with several challenges that can ruin the excitement of the event. Glamping tents or accommodations can be set up near stadiums. These air-conditioned tents can be combined with communal fire pits, catering, and more.

Product Launches Accommodation: Innovation in Style

Product launches are all about creating a buzz. Our Product Launching Accommodation offers the best and most luxurious setting for your brand promotion in a stunning natural location. These stylish glamping tents in beautiful surroundings can create a memorable experience. Showcase your products in a glamping setting.

Rest assured that our Product Launching Accommodation can make your guests comfortable and relaxed. What you are waiting for? Book it today and experience all the differences.

Book Glamping For Sports Events-

Booking is easy and simple! Provide your requirements and how many tents you would like to hire. We cater to your specific requests. Our South Island glamping accommodations and marquees are industry-priced or below. Spend time relaxing and entertaining in style.


Email us at for more information.

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