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Can you Use a Stove in a Tent?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

You are entirely dependent on Mother Nature when you go camping. An unexpected shift in the weather might ruin your plans, mainly if it occurs when you're preparing food. Meal preparation is a crucial aspect of camping. But what if it begins storming unexpectedly? It's simple to bring your cooking indoors. But is it okay to cook in a tent? Can you use a stove in a tent?

There are risks, but when using a stove inside a tent, you should be careful to prevent such troubles. Here, I'll discuss the risks and the steps you can take to avoid those risks, so in the end, you can decide about; "can you put a stove in a tent."

Can you Use a Stove in a Tent?

Yes, you may use a camping stove within your tent as you comply with the appropriate precautions. However, using propane or charcoal burners is not recommended. These should never be used inside a closed space or in a tent. You'll be in danger of CO poisoning since these gases generate excessive carbon monoxide.

Kerosene stoves possess similar risks; however, they are less popular. They can generate potentially dangerous gases in your tent without excellent circulation. The problem is that if your tent is buckled down for rainfall, airflow will most likely be inadequate.

There is an excellent alternative to the above stoves in the market that will make your camping in a tent with a stove an entirely other experience.

Wood Burning Stove for Tent

Can you Use a Stove in a Tent?

It is a heating or cooking appliance that can use wood fuel and biofuel generated from wood. The apparatus typically comprises a thick metal sealed furnace lined with fire brick and a single or multiple air regulator.

Even though charcoal or gas grills and other gas heating devices are the leading cause of carbon monoxide accidents when camping, it's still vital to take precautions and awareness if using a stove inside a tent.

Unlike gas or charcoal grills and heaters, wood-burning stoves are meant to be used in tents. Their invention aimed to eliminate the risks of open flames in confined places. The wide chimney serves this purpose: it takes the gasses and smoke from the fire away from your tent, scattering them far up so that no one can inhale them.

The good thing is you can also use such a camping stove inside a house. Although they seem to be perfectly safe, it's not true. You still need to be careful while using them. Moreover, you cannot use these stoves in any tent. So, what kind of tent can you put a stove in?

The tent should be of canvas or polycotton and have an opening for the hot tent stove pipe. You can install a stove jack in a tent if it doesn't already have one. You can put a stove jack in any tent by watching the tutorial videos for "how to put a stove jack in a tent."

If you're using a wood-burning stove for the first time, you can also check for tent stove tips for beginners.

Risks of Using a Stove in a Tent

Cooking in an enclosed place puts you in danger in various ways. However, there may be situations when you don't have an option, such as camping in the mountains or heavy rainfall. If you're planning to use a stove inside your tent, you should be aware of the dangers, such as:

  • Risk of CO poisoning

  • Risk of your tent catching fire

  • Risk of serious burns

  • Chance of attracting bears and other animals.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Such Risks

Can you Use a Stove in a Tent?
  • Please read all of the manufacturer's directions for using a stove (it is best to test it at home before taking it to camp)

  • The best thing to avoid such risk is wood stove camping.

  • Place volatile and explosive equipment at a safe distance.

  • Ensure there is enough space around the stove.

  • When the stove is in use, keep kids far from it.

  • During usage, keep a door or window open.

  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

  • Keep an eye out for local animals.

  • Use fireproof mat and heat sheets.

  • Make use of a CO detector.

  • Install a secure fuel pipe


Cooking under a tent is not something you should take lightly. It necessitates extreme caution and full awareness of the associated risks. Although hot tents are safe, you should follow all the steps carefully when deciding to use a stove in a tent.

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