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Best Camping Music Festivals in New Zealand 2023

Music festivals have become a more complex sensual experience in the past ten years. Don't wait one more year to treat yourself to the enthusiasm of a camping music festival. Festivals have incredible concerts, delicious food, yoga art exhibitions, merchants, and the chance to make new friends. The more bizarre and eccentric the camp festival event, the more attention it creates. There is a camping music event for everyone's interest spanning the year across numerous regions.

Here is a list of fantastic camping music festivals in New Zealand 2023 that offer a wide variety of on-site enjoyment and even allows you to use your private festival tent.

Best Camping Music Festivals in New Zealand 2023

Going to festivals while touring throughout New Zealand is a chance to experience the stunning scenery, be mesmerized by the extraordinary views, and interact with the natives. You won't regret immersing yourself in New Zealand's music festival culture.

Queenstown Winter Festival

camping music festival

This festival isn't only a music festival but has a lot to offer! The festivities begin on Wednesday, June 21st. There are then four days of outdoor events, fireworks, music, theater, family entertainment, craziness up the mountain, nightclubs, and a lot of Stuff! Queenstown is undoubtedly one of the most stunning cities in the world, and You'll fall in love with it.

Earth Beat

Earth Beat Music + Arts Festival is where you explore, relax, meet with old buddies, build new relationships, and return to our place focused and motivated. It's a unique, cutting-edge event that constantly pushes boundaries.

A forum for revolutionizing talent and mind-blowing adventures, it is more than simply a "famous event." The goal is to be a think-tank for innovative concepts and sustainable lifestyles as one of the few fully zero-waste festivals in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Earth Beat is held on the magnificent Kaipara shoreline in Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland. Be ready to leave the bustle of the Downtown and wallow in a paradise of festivity and entertainment in paradisiacal surroundings for the 5-day event in 2023. A family camping event like this one has a unique sense of fellowship.

Rhythm & Alps

It is a three-day worldwide music event in New Zealand's central South Island, in Cardrona Valley near Wanaka and Queenstown. The state's most incredible music and lighting setup will be used for the four stages, where more than 50 foreign and local performers will play. With 10,000 participants in attendance, Rhythm & Alps is South Island's top event.

Rhythm and Alps is one of the top events in New Zealand and the best place to finish off the year. There isn't a greater festival vibe to be found, and the site is breathtaking. Additionally, the program is consistently vast and exciting. Prepare for an incredible 3-day celebration by gathering your festival team and camping supplies.

Splore Festival

A 3-day entertaining spectacular and the biggest costume event in New Zealand. Join this spiritual clan of party animals and enjoy the concept! Every year, the event is held on the beaches of Tapapakanga Regional Park, one of the most stunning event sites in the nation.

The event stages host an expert team of New Zealand and overseas musical performers for three days, far into the night. Everywhere you look on the site, there are performances, artworks, seminars, and communities. And they dance as though no one is seeing. It's the finest kind of celebration. But it's a culture, not just a party; to visit Splore is to join Splore. Be kind, devout, and willing.

WOMAD Festival

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The 3-day, award-winning music and dance event in New Zealand! World of Music, Arts, and Dance, or WOMAD, is a famous event that unites performers worldwide. The WOMAD event's primary goal is to honor several music, artwork, and dancing styles from throughout the globe.

WOMAD is a sensory spectacle. Listen to music from around the world, participate in master classes given by great musicians from around the globe, eat fabulous cuisine prepared by professionals, take in discussions, engage in art experiences, dance your heart out, and absorb the vibe and the thrill of exploration!

This three-day festival will be held on March 17-19, 2023, in New Plymouth and is ideal for families since it offers a range of camping choices, delicious food, a lively bazaar, and entertainment.


The above list contains a few outdoor music festivals held around New Zealand. Even though some of the ones listed may be rather pricey, the worth of these everlasting moments is tremendous. Everyone should include an eye-opening adventure on their bucket list because camping music festivals have made it so.

Discover the passion and grasp the opportunity since life only comes around once. You can also get expert tent rental services and a superb glamping experience in New Zealand. It will save you from many hectic things that may stress you out.

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