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How to Remove Mold from Canvas Tent?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Canvas tents are an excellent choice for any outdoor adventure. Canvas tents are well-known for being breathable but may trap more moisture than other synthetic tents. Mold is a typical issue that most campers face! Even though molds may be found anywhere, the risks of mold formation increase if you place tents in dark and wet locations.

You must know how to remove mold from canvas tents as a camper. You can have a tough time clearing the molds from the tent, but the process is simple if you have a good guide. Continue reading to learn "how do you get mold out of a tent canvas."

How to Remove Mold from Canvas Tent?

How to Remove Mold from Canvas Tent?

Cleaning canvas tents and removing mold and mildew on tents may be simple if you act immediately. Act immediately if you notice any mold sign on your tent; otherwise, it will ruin your expensive canvas tent. The more you wait, the harder it will be to clean mold on a canvas tent. The following step will show; How do you get rid of mold on a tent?

Remove the Dust and Debris

The first step you should do is to remove all dirt and dust particle from your tent. Unfold your tent, put it on the surface, clean it gently using a soft brush and leave it in the sun for a while. It is best to clean on a sunny day, as natural drying is essential for proper cleaning.

Examine your Canvas Tent to Check Out Mold Damage

Next, you have to check your tent thoroughly to see how much damage it has done to it.

It is not good if there are big visible holes because the damage is beyond repair, and your tent may have been completely ruined.

Observe the hole size to decide whether it is destroyed or the holes can be covered by sewing them with the new canvas material. You still have a chance of repairing if there are only a few mold black spots and no noticeable holes or perforations in the canvas.

Cleaning Mold Off Canvas Tent

After identifying the level of damage, the next step is to clean the mold. There are various methods; you can even use many homemade canvas cleaners; some helpful suggestions are mentioned below.

Using Vinegar

Combine a mixture of water and white vinegar (one portion of water with two portions of vinegar) in a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the damaged areas of the tent and let it dry naturally before proceeding to the next step.

People often get concerned and ask does vinegar damage or ruin the canvas. Vinegar is not harmful and is an excellent homemade mildew cleaner for the canvas so that you can use it without worry.

I suggest not using bleach at all; it can damage the waterproofing covering, and if it is strong enough, it can also eat the canvas material.

Use Lemon Mixture

How to Remove Mold from Canvas Tent?

After the vinegar gets dried completely, use the lemon solution (mixing lemon and salt into hot water). Use this solution mildly on the affected area to remove mold stains. Scrubbing may damage your waterproofing, so give it a gentle wipe and let it dry again.

Following these two basic actions should be sufficient to help remove mold remnants. It is critical to allow the tent to dry after every step since moisture is the leading cause of mold.

There are some common chemicals that you can use to remove mold, such as:

  • Tea tree oil

  • Mirazyme

  • Fabric guards

  • Concrobium

Wash Thoroughly with Warm Water

People often ask if you can wash mold out of a tent. Yes, you can, but after doing mold treatment, it means after treating with the mold and mildew cleaners.

After you have done mold treatment, now is the time to wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use a water hose for washing and wipe it away at the end.

If your tent is filthy and you wonder, How do you deep clean a canvas tent? It is not difficult at all. After doing all the above steps, all you have to do is to wash your tent with the usual tent cleaner.

Take a large container, fill it with water where your tent could be soaked easily, add tent cleaner and stir it to dissolve it properly. Dip your tent in this solution and leave it overnight or at least for 3 to 4 hours.

Take out your tent, rub it from every side, inner, outer, and sides, wash it with clean water, and wipe and let it dry in the sun.


You can easily remove the mold from canvas tents using the abovementioned techniques and the appropriate chemicals. It is simpler to keep mold at bay than to remove it. This is why it's important to air the tent periodically and set it in full sunshine to avoid high-humidity areas. So, now you know how to prevent and remove mildew on canvas tents, you should take good care of your tent to prevent any severe damage.

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