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Best Canvas Tent Treatment for Waterproofing

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Before camping, it's an excellent decision to do canvas treatment for waterproofing. Canvas tents are attractive, cozy, and strong even in severe weather. Without proper care, canvas material is not entirely waterproof; many people learn after the water has already destroyed their tent, which may be expensive and distressing. In this article, I have discussed the best canvas treatment for waterproofing.

Even if the forecast indicates excellent weather, you never tell when an unexpected storm can come to soak your canvas tent in the rain. So, it is best to be prepared already.

Best Canvas Tent Treatment for Waterproofing

Canvas Tent Treatment

There are several techniques for waterproofing your tent, and the one you pick will depend on the degree of the environment and how frequently you want to use your tent.

There are two procedures for waterproofing your canvas tent; many people are unaware that first, you have to season and then waterproof them.

Although most tents are waterproof, small tiny holes within the fibers of tents may cause water to leak. But if such holes are swelled enough, they will be closed, preventing water leakage. It takes several rainfalls for the holes to fully swelled, so if you haven't seasoned a tent, especially a new one, gaps will not be closed properly and can cause water leakage. Now you know why seasoning is so important, but how do you season a new canvas tent? Here is your guide.

Seasoning a Canvas Tent

  • Set your tent, close all the openings, and make it wet.

  • Once your tent is fully saturated, use a hose to spray it thoroughly with cold water, just like rainfall.

  • Leave it for about 5 minutes, go inside and check if the sun is peeking from any hole.

  • Keep soaking until no sunray enters the tent, and let it dry.

  • When outside is hot enough, soak it again double time, i,e for 10 minutes.

  • Repeat the process to test again to check sunray peeking inside your tent and let it dry at the end.

  • Make artificial rain with a water hose to test it for the last time.

  • If there isn't any leaking, your tent is ready to go.

  • It is best to season your tent every year for good maintenance.

Waterproofing a Canvas Tent

As a camper, how do you condition or maintain a canvas tent? Do you know that seasoning and waterproofing are essential to excellent canvas tent treatment? People often wonder, What is the best way to waterproof canvas or what are the best waterproofing products for canvas tents? Here is an easy guide to the best waterproofing for canvas tents.

Using Waterproofing Spray for Canvas Tents

You can use canvas tent waterproofing spray if you need basic rain safety. This will prevent rain from soaking the cloth and ruining you and your stuff. If you want to know what to spray on canvas to make it waterproof, you can search for the best canvas tent waterproofing products.

In the market, various products are available that are helpful. It is wise to test the spray you use on a small unnoticeable area to ensure it doesn't cause any damage.

To prevent any damage to your tent, it is advised that you first test the spray on a tiny, unnoticeable area to ensure that it will not create any problems.

Using a Canvas Tarp

Using a tarp to cover your tent is a good idea to make it waterproof. It will give you extra protection, especially if you plan to camp in a windy or wet area.

Using Waterproofing Sealant

If you camp in the rainy season, expecting heavy rains or wet conditions, it is best to use a waterproofing sealant. Just like sprays, various sealants are available in the market.

Carefully choose one compatible with your tent material, read the instructions correctly, and test it on a small patch to avoid severe damage.

Silicon Sealant

  • Silicon sealant is perfect for the permanent waterproofing of canvas tents.

  • Clean your tent with a damp cloth.

  • Apply a thin coat of silicon sealant with a paintbrush or roller.

  • Let it dry properly.

Paint with Paraffin Wax or Oil

Canvas tent treatment

Canvas tent treatment with paraffin wax or oil is an excellent way to make it waterproof for a long duration. Apply a thin paraffin wax or oil coating using a paintbrush and let it dry properly. Clean your tent with a damp cloth before applying paraffin wax or oil. You can apply it again if you notice any wetness in the tent.


You can ensure your upcoming camping adventure is fun no matter the weather by knowing the best canvas treatment for waterproofing. Seasoning your tent effectively keeps water out, and waterproofing it with a product is the cherry on top.

Various excellent waterproofing products can aid you in keeping your tent dry. Some companies offer professional waterproofing services; you can also take one by searching canvas waterproofing near me.

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